What Causes Excessive Tread Wear?

The principal reasons for early tread wear can be avoided by the driver. By having your tires checked for wear, you can avoid the unnecessary expense of purchasing new tires before you should.

The most significant cause of early tread wear is improper inflation. Overinflation causes the tire to crown and only the center treads touch the road. underinflated tires ride on their edges and the tread on the sides of the tire wear down. In either case, improper inflation lessens the life of your tires.

Another condition that tears tires asunder is a misaligned front end. Front end alignment involves the suspension and wheel alignment of the vehicle. If the alignment control mechanics of the vehicle are out of whack, the tires shimmy and prematurely wear.

At Gray-Daniels Lincoln in Brandon, MS we always check your tires for wear patterns and make repairs as needed.

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