The Lincoln MKC is a Practical Automobile for Errands

When Lincoln engineers designed the MKC, they included multiple features for people who run errands. The main solutions that benefit families in suburban areas are the panoramic roof and the convenient liftgate.

After the temperature rises dramatically in Brandon, you can stay comfortable while driving the MKC with the roof retracted. Because the roof extends over the front and back seats, all air that enters the cabin from the sunroof effectively circulates throughout the entire vehicle. When the sun is blazing directly on the MKC, you can still enjoy a cool breeze by taking advantage of the sunshade that blocks harsh UV rays.

While at a grocery store in a Lincoln MKC, the hand-free liftgate will help you load bags into the cabin quickly and easily. In order to open the trunk door, you'll only have to place your foot underneath the bumper to trigger a special mechanism.

The Lincoln MKC also has ambient lights, power side mirrors, and other helpful features. If you want to check out these tools during a test drive, visit Gray-Daniels Lincoln today.

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