Signs Your Exhaust is Leaking

Have you ever noticed that your vehicle seems to sound louder and louder each time that you get into it and start it up? There are a number of reasons this could be occurring but the most common issue is a problem with your exhaust. Your exhaust removes the sound coming from your engine as it runs and pushes it out the back of your vehicle so you can focus on driving from the inside of your cabin. Like any other part of your vehicle, your exhaust can experience issues and some signs of a leaking exhaust can include the following:

  • Condensation accumulating in your exhaust pipe and you can see it slowly dripping out the pipe or from underneath your vehicle in this area.
  • Squealing or rumbling coming from under your vehicle when the engine is running.
  • A lower than normal miles per gallon average than you are used to.

Visit our service center here at Gray-Daniels Lincoln if you suspect you have a leaky exhaust system.

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