Fuel System Warning Signs

Is your fuel system working properly? Being familiar with the symptoms of a malfunctioning fuel system can help you get it fixed before it becomes a larger issue.

Are you taking more trips to the pump? One warning sign can be a decrease in your gas mileage. A malfunctioning relief valve can cause excess fuel to enter your engine.

Does your engine sputter while driving at high speeds? Your fuel system could have issues with providing the engine with a steady flow of fuel. This can be another sign that your fuel pump needs service.

If your vehicle starts to love power going up hills or while pulling a trailer, it can be another sign of a weakening fuel pump. If the fuel pump isn’t working properly, your engine won’t have the fuel it needs.

When you experience issues with your fuel system or need other services performed on your vehicle, visit our service center here at Gray-Daniels Lincoln located in Brandon, MS.

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