Periodic Alignment Checks Are Central to Your Driving Safety

A car that is not aligned properly will cause plenty of issues for you as a driver. It can cause your car to drift into other lanes, uneven tire wear on the outer edges, or even affect your gas mileage. A car that is out of alignment is also unsafe.

In order to lessen the chances of these issues for you, it’s important to have a periodic alignment check by a trained technician. A technician will first complete an analysis of the current condition of the car's alignment to establish what specifications need to be adjusted or reconfigured. They will also inspect your front end suspension. A common cause of a car being out of alignment is hitting a pothole or curb. The technician will determine if there was any further damage, before attempting to complete an alignment.

Schedule an alignment check at Gray-Daniels Lincoln with our service center in Brandon, MS soon!

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